The Pre-publication of the Action Guide for the Project was posted on the website of the Ministry of Environment & Energy: “Replacement of heating systems with natural gas systems in the city of Megalopolis”.

The above action concerns the subsidy of the citizens of Megalopolis who wish to be connected to the natural gas network constructed by HENGAS for the replacement of the existing heating systems with natural gas systems.

The total budget of the action amounts to € 11,760,000.00 and the beneficiary is the NSRF Staff Structure of RIS. Host of applications, control, certification and payment of the grant is HENGAS A.E.

Here are some key points in the Draft Action Guide. We point out that everyone interested should study very carefully what is mentioned in the Draft Guide.

Categories of Beneficiaries

Only natural persons who cumulatively meet the following conditions (Beneficiaries of the action) have the right to participate in the action: a) they have the right of ownership (full or partial) or usufruct in an eligible residence, they have only the full master and the usufructuary (not the thin master). In the event that the required property right was acquired after the submission of the last tax return, a written commitment will be requested from the applicant for the type of property right and the use of the residence. b) have not concluded (themselves or the co-owners) an association agreement with HELLENIC NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTION HELLENIC GAS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY SOLE SHAREHOLDER SA (ie HENGAS SA) have not been valid until the effective date gas connection contract on 31.12.2021).

Eligible homes

Megalopolis and can be connected and supplied by the gas network under construction in the area EUROPEAN UNION EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND The action is carried out with the co-financing of the EU, Greece and the European Union. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5 – Exists legally, ie holds a relevant building permit and / or other relevant / additional legal document. – It has an in-house heating system in operation or is heated by a central heating system in operation, or is connected to the city district heating network and no other grant has been received to replace this system by a public body. Also the replacement of this system has not been included and has not been submitted for inclusion in another program funded by national or Community funds. In order for the change of central heating system in an apartment building to be eligible, at least 50% of the number of properties with residential use must be eligible. It is pointed out that the characterization of the house is documented with the submission of a recent electricity bill.

Also in the new post of the attached DT.

Deadlines for Implementation of the Action

The grant application is submitted by the potential beneficiaries by 30.06.2023.

Eligible Costs

Under this action, the eligible costs of the action are as follows:

1. Preparation of design and supervision of construction of internal gas installation.

2.Energy Inspection of an existing heating system and if it is an oil, biomass (wood or pellet) or LPG heating system and issue of a combustion analysis sheet of an existing heating system.

3.Works for the ignition of the gas burner and the issuance of a combustion analysis sheet.

4.Installation works of piping, chimney, boiler room works, etc.

5.Supply and installation of solenoid valves, detectors and materials related to ventilation and exhaust (eg special boxes with grilles or air ducts).

6.Supply of natural gas piping materials and chimney.

7.Supply and installation of Burner – Boiler system.

8.Hydraulic connection works and materials, including the conversion of the apartment’s hydraulic networks to autonomous heating.

Maximum Eligible Budget

Α/ΑInstalled power of new boiler-burner heating system PMaximum Total Eligible PC (with VAT)

1P≤354.000 €
235<P≤506.500 €
350<P≤10011.500 €
4100<P≤20016.000 €
5P>20021.500 €

The start date for the eligibility of expenditures is set at 01.01.2022.

VAT is an eligible expense.

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